domingo, 31 de mayo de 2020

Showing Málaga (Spain)

Because of general school lockdown, Spain has designed presentations about Mijas, Fuengirola and Málaga and so you all can discover online some spots about these three cities.

 These cities you may discover during our Erasmus+ meeting delayed because of COVID world crisis.

 There are 3 small games where you can know the knowledge level about these cities after watch the presentations.

 Hope you enjoy them







In other way, we show you another work.  This work is part of other project where our school participate. But reflect the spirit of the new way for education durin the COVID lockdown all around the world


lunes, 25 de mayo de 2020

Spanish week in Latvia

Thanks to Latvia for their work about Spain. It´s Wonderful.

Lessons about Mijas, Malaga and Fuengirola

The trip planned for this year to go to Spain (Erasmus project) has been cancelled due to travel restrictions imposed by the EU-countries. Therefore we carried out a virtual trip to Málaga, Mijas and Fuengirola.

Carmelo, a teacher from Spain created some presentations about those cities. The children of the third, fourth and fifth class of the primary school, Borgo Antico (Monte Santa Maria Tiberina) took part in this virtual trip. We could learn many things about those beautiful places. We visited different museums in Málaga (after Carmelo there are more than 60 in the city, among them: Picasso, Thyssen and Pompidou museums). We visited the Arabic castle and the fortress, the town hall and the city park, the harbor, the Roman theater and the modern theater Soho.  We travelled to the past and to the present as well to discover people and some of the touristic sites of Mijas (its small bullring, its miniature museum, its coastal pathway and the Arabic street). Finally we visited the beach of Fuengirola and discovered some typical Spanish dishes!  The children participated in some interactive tests. They wrote a summary about this experience and concluded with a drawing of their preferred touristic site.

Enjoy their works here!


domingo, 1 de marzo de 2020

Who are the characters Moomin?

The Moomins arrive in the "Borgo Antico" Pre primary School, they are the most famous cartoon characters in Finland. Every child of any age from 2 to 6 years will carry out this cooperative learning activity, to get to know some of the customs of our Finnish friends.

Work Steps:
1)        The students watch the theme song and some episodes of the cartoon Moomin on the whiteboard.


The students analyse the environment and make observations.
Leonardo:”There are a lot of trees as in Monte Santa Maria Tiberina forest!” . “The Forest where the Moomin live is clean!”, “The trees there are very high”.


The students color the character with acupuncture and after they draw the surrounding environment by creating a painting to take home.


4-5 year olds students color the flags of Finland,  2-3 year olds students  (service learning)  make the picture three-dimensional.


domingo, 9 de febrero de 2020

2nd Meeting 02-07/2020. FINLAND

Our second meeting was in Finland.

From Spain, we are very happy for this experience and our students and our school always remember such special moments together.

We are very grateful of learning of our partners.

Here you find a video of spanish team experience.

domingo, 19 de enero de 2020


Before Christmas we had a vote about the most beautiful Christmas tree in Kirkkomännikkö school.

The voting was arranged for the first time and the theme was recycling. The students made the ornaments from recycled material.

The winner was a tree decorated by class 2abc.

Two pictures of the winner.

Other contestants:

There were in total 2241 votes given via Google Forms, and the winner had 31% of the votes

jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2019

Xmas Tree

Hello everyone!

Here you will see our chritsmas tree in our schools and our student´s houses. Happy Holidays!

xmas tree from Spain

Xmas tree from Latvia

Xmas tree from Italy

Meeting in Latvia

Meeting with all our teachers and discussing the project's activities and italian good practices.
Good job!

The carpet of the sharing

During the first mobility in Italy, at the Infant and Primary School “Borgo Antico” of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, the children and pupils of the school with the pupils of Spanish and Finnish School, in groups of 2 or 3 students, realized pieces of fabric which have been colored with water colours. The theme of design was "Desires, dreams, emotions". Before drawing, each small group chose what to represent and then they realized it. These pieces were then sewn, creating a large rug to be placed in a space made in the section. In this space students can read books freely, talk together, play with buildings or simply relax. Ours will be a traveling carpet that will have to touch all the schools participating in the project so that all the children share the work done. Italian pupils were interviewed to find out how they experienced this activity. Their answers were very positive and everyone spoke of happiness, fun, and curiosity. No one found it difficult to understand each other despite the difficulty of the spoken language. They say they found new friends and they look forward to going to the country of their new friends. what to say?
See you again soon!!!!!!